How to accessorize your CFMOTO ATV/SXS

How to accessorize your CFMOTO ATV/SXS


CFMOTO ATVs and side-by-side vehicles are available with a 2-year factory warranty and come standard equipped with multiple accessories that are mostly offered as options on various competing models.

For those who want to customize their 4x4 off-road vehicle according to their preferences and needs, the Chinese manufacturer has expanded the range of accessories and functional equipment.

Besides the large options for agriculture and forestry, you can find in the collection a huge variety of solutions for the protection of the vehicle, as well as technical equipment for riders. 

The list of the most important accessories for CFMOTO ATVs and SxS includes:

  • front and rear rack extensions (available for CForce 520, CForce 450)
  • heated handles (CForce 450, CForce 520)
  • boxes and universal bags for ATVs
  • textile boxes for ATV (CForce 625)
  • central mirror assembly
  • assembly of side mirrors
  • winch kits (136mm, 290mm)
  • plugs, adapters
  • CFCONNECT clamp
  • front and rear bumpers (all CFMOTO ATVs, SxS UForce 1000, UForce 800)
  • nerf bars
  • assembly with rear bumper to protect the lights
  • 14" beadlock with screws (CForce 1000, CForce 850XC)
  • protections for the A-arms of the suspension (CForce 1000, CForce 850XC, CForce 520; UForce 1000)
  • aluminum protective shield (CForce 1000, CForce 850XC, CForce 520; UForce 1000, UForce 800)
  • aluminum winch protection (CForce 1000, CForce 850XC, CForce 520)
  • central cargo box; rear cargo box (CForce 1000, CForce 850XC, CForce 520)
  • generator-45Ie
  • cage assembly; back panel; windshield wipers (side-by-side UForce 1000)
  • front bumper and rack assembly (UForce 800)
  • roof rack assembly (UForce 800)
  • projector bar with LED lights (Uforce 800)
  • front racks; towing kit (UForce 800).

Also, you have many options to choose from when it comes to finding the right ATV/UTV trailer for the CFMOTO vehicle you own. 

The collection of protective and functional equipment for riders includes hoodies for men and women, jackets, protective gloves, hats, off-road (cross-country) helmets, socks, balaclava, caps, bandanas, premium glasses, t-shirts, off-road blouses etc.).

In the CFMOTO huge collection of accessories, you will find plenty solutions for your ATV/SXS

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