Customer needs and preferences are the starting point in the creation of CFMOTO vehicles. When we talk about CFMOTO, we're talking about ATVs, UTVs and motorcycles that are not only packed with advanced features and packed with impressive technology and performance, but are also designed to deliver lasting value over time. This is also one of the reasons why CFMOTO ATVs are Europe's best-selling ATVs.
In addition to quality vehicles that meet customers needs, we place a strong emphasis on developing and strengthening long-lasting relationships with our customers, understanding that our success is based on their trust and satisfaction.
Our dealers play an important role in strengthening the relationship with our customers. Dealers are often the first interface customers come into contact with, offering direct and personalised experiences. They not only sell CFMOTO products, but also provide advice, technical support, maintenance and repair services, helping to strengthen the relationship between the customer and CFMOTO.
The main aim of working with dealers is to create long-lasting relationships with customers, thus contributing to customer loyalty. In addition, both through our dealers and through effective marketing and sales strategies, we aim to keep stock moving so that CFMOTO products are sold at an efficient and continuous pace.
CFMOTO is a global brand that is steadily evolving, with substantial investment in factories and in research and development, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry. CFMOTO's efforts do not stop here, but extend to strengthening the brand experience, continually improving the way customers perceive and interact with the products, with the aim of delivering an unforgettable experience and strengthening its position as market leader.


CFMOTO boasts an impressive range of ATVs, SxS and motorcycles that aredistinguished by their quality, reliability and high performance. These vehiclesare designed to meet even the most demanding customer requirements.Therefore, as a CFMOTO dealer, you will be able to offer customers a variety oftop products that meet the diverse needs of off-road enthusiasts as well aspeople in need of utility vehicles.

One of the advantages of being a CFMOTO dealer is the possibility to haveaccess to an extensive stock of spare parts. By delivering the necessary spareparts quickly and efficiently, dealers can offer customers a prompt andreliable service, keeping their vehicles in top condition and increasingcustomer satisfaction. Fast and efficient delivery of spare parts is key tomaintaining customer confidence and providing an unrivalled serviceexperience.

By joining the CFMOTO distribution network, you benefit from a franchise withgreat profit potential. The company offers attractive margins, bonuses andother great terms designed to support and drive the success of its dealers.This means an excellent opportunity to grow your business and strengthenyour presence in the off-road and utility vehicle market.

As a CFMOTO dealer, you'll benefit from a dedicated sales manager who isalways available by phone and ready to visit your dealership to provide personalised assistance. Ongoing, direct support is a considerableadvantage, as it will allow you to focus on growing your business, knowing youhave a trusted partner for any needs or questions. In addition, we provide ourdealers with brand guidelines, logos, images and many other items needed inbrand promotion. We also run national advertising campaigns and drivepotential customers to our dealers.

We focus on building long-lasting and fruitful relationships with our dealers,emphasizing quality over quantity. This way, we don't overcrowd the marketwith dealers that are too close to each other, ensuring that every dealer hasthe opportunity to thrive in their area. CFMOTO enjoys a high customer loyaltyrate, with many customers returning to dealers for service and repeatpurchases. This underlines the quality of the products and services offered,helping to establish long-lasting and trusting relationships between CFMOTO,its dealers and customers.Want to become a CFMOTO dealer? Fill in the form below and one of ourcolleagues will contact you.